What Home Sellers Should Be Asking Their Realtors!

Are you thinking about listing your house? Well, there has never been a better time to sell. But, before you hire a real estate agent, let me fill you in on a little secret. Not all agents are going to get you the same results. Even in a seller’s market. Marketing is one of the most important aspects of any agent’s job.  No matter what industry you’re in, if you’re in sales, your marketing strategy makes a difference. Anyone can list a house, but making sure it’s seen by the right people is important. That’s why I love Berkshire Hathaway’s partnership with Adwerx. We don’t wait for buyers to come to you. We take your property to buyers.  

When you’re interviewing agents, ask to see their marketing plan. If they can’t show you one, i highly recommend you find an agent who can. Berkshire Hathaway has a network of over 50-thousand agents. If you’re ready to list, reach out to me and i will help you find one in your market. If you’re in lane county, oregon i will gladly show you my proven marketing strategy.  

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