The Buzz about BEE Jazzy

The rolling hills surrounding the Silvan Ridge Winery were a buzz with jazz music and fundraising at the 6th Annual Bee Jazzy event.

6th Annual Bee Jazzy Event

The event, a kick off to National Pollinator Week, is designed to raise money for Save Oregon’s Bees and Beyond Toxics. According to Beyond Toxics, Oregon’s native bees are in steep decline as a result of several factors including Neonicotinoid pesticides, or neonics, which are the world’s most commonly used insecticides. Why are healthy bee populations important? Well, the short answer is bees and other pollinating insects are a crucial part of food production worldwide. Nutrient rich foods such as kale, apples, almonds and blueberries rely on insect pollination to produce. Ultimately, a decline in our world bee populations could lead to a decline in sustainable food production.

 “If this trend continues, nutrient-dense crops such as fruits, nuts and many vegetables will be replaced largely by self-pollinating and wind-pollinated crops like rice, corn and wheat,” Beyond Toxics explains on its website.

The family-friendly Bee Jazzy event is a perfect opportunity for the Lane County community to come together for a good cause. The event featured Silvan Ridge’s diverse wine selection, local food trucks, a silent auction and one lucky person went home with a case of wine.

Nestled in the one of the most picturesque settings in Lane County, it’s a perfect place to enjoy song and wine.

Nestled in the one of the most picturesque settings in Lane County, it’s a perfect place to enjoy song and wine. For those familiar with jazz, Halie Loren held the Bee Jazzy headliner spot. The Paul Biondi Trio opened for her. A sea of fans lined the hillside in their folding chairs to listen to the sweet sounds. Inside the winery, sponsors showcased their products, including Eugene’s local honey making and beekeeping supplier Glory Bee.

For those planning on attending next year’s event I recommend bringing your own chairs or a blanket to sit on. I was also grateful to have a hat with the intense afternoon sun. Tickets for the event were available online beforehand and on-site at the event.

All-in-all, my family had a wonderful time and we look forward to attending again in the future. I couldn’t imagine a better way to raise money for a worthy cause.