For 34% of Homeowners, Equity Surges More Than 50%

August 9, 2021

For 34% of Homeowners, Equity Surges More Than 50%

Sellers are still thriving as home prices remain high, ATTOM Data Solutions reported that 34.4% of all residential properties with a mortgage are equity-rich; that is up from 27.5% at the same time last year. That means 34.4% of residential property owners with a mortgage have more than 50% equity in their homes. In other favorable news, after the unemployment rate surged as a result of COVID-19 the unemployment rate is now just 1.9 percentage points above the rate in February 2020 following a strong July jobs report.  We take a closer look This Week in Real Estate.

The huge home-price jumps over the past year that helped millions of sellers earn big profits also kicked in big-time during the second quarter for other owners who saw their typical equity improve more than at any time in the last two years.

Todd Teta, chief product officer with ATTOM

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